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Are You Looking for a United States Patent, Trademark or Copyright?
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Are You Looking for a United States Patent, Trademark or Copyright? IntellectualPropertyLaw-250


You make the best use of your company’s assets. However, many businesses do not protect their most valuable assets – the intellectual property.

In 2007, 90% of the value of the world’s top 2,000 companies was intellectual property.

For example, in 2009, the value of the Google® trademark was estimated to exceed $100 billion.

Are you realizing the value of your assets – including your intellectual property?

The first steps in making the most of your intellectual property are identifying those assets and then protecting them from unauthorized use by others.

I can help you identify your intellectual property assets, and then realize the value of them.

Avoid the mistakes that could put your intellectual property assets at risk – waiting could be costly.

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